Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bread Oven/Coffee roaster

"In winter we cook mainly on our wood stove, but in summer we've had to rely on a propane range. I don't like using propane in the first place, but even worse is the fact that our particular propane oven has a big electric igniter that stays on when the oven is turned on. So summer baking has meant both fossil fuel use and an unwelcome electrical load. Then a couple of years ago a New York city publisher called me to check firewood terminology for an Australian book on brick ovens they intended to publish for the North American market. The publisher reciprocated by sending me a copy of Your Brick Oven by Russell Jeavons. It turned out to be a gem of a little book and it prompted me to build one."
Well worth a visit to his website to view the construction of this unusual oven.


Anonymous said...

Hi There, did you fabricate that colander? Where did you get it?

Breadhunter said...

The colander is readily available at any store that sells kitchen supplies. It definitely looks like the handle was custom made. You should email the source and ask for information