Sunday, October 12, 2014

Runny/messy dough

Okay, you've done everything right, but the next day you look in a horrified manner at the dough that has been working overnight. It is an unsightly, runny mess.
You've done everything right, but we can usually narrow the problem down to two possibilities.
If you've been making no-knead yeasted bread, there is a very good chance that your proofing temperature was too high. Higher than 70º F. is too high. A long cool proof is best, and that is between 60 and 70ºF.
If you've been making sourdough bread and you experience this problem, there are a couple of possibilities. Temperature control is important just as it is in the yeasted bread. Go with the long cool proof. The other factor is the duration of the proof. If sourdough proofs too long, then the proofing dough tends to become sourdough starter! It is sharp smelling, sharp tasting, and it has no glutenous structure, simply falling apart when worked. The remedy is to cut back on the duration of the proof.

Runny dough (bad stuff/not good)

Nicely textured dough