Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi Everybody
I just returned from another successful stove building trip to Guatemala with Masons On A Mission
Most of the Guatemalans are still preparing food over a three stove fire that is not properly vented. The result is unnecessary respiratory problems. You can see the smoky environment from the photo below.
Just about everyone in the countryside burns wood for cooking purposes, and here in Guatemala, you don't exactly call up your wood broker and have him deliver several cord at once.
Our stove building team of four was able to construct five energy efficient stoves in five days to the delight of the families receiving them. Nancy and Louisa are seen here performing the dusty job of cutting and rasping bricks.

 Richard starts to assemble stove

And once again I attempted to make tortillas with the women, and they had a good time watching me fail.
 Maya family with new stove
Kids look on