Monday, October 22, 2012

Le Panyol Wood-Fired Ovens

Not everyone really wants to build their own wood-fired oven, but there are great alternatives out there. Maine Wood Heat imports the beautiful le Panyol oven from France. No, they're not inexpensive and you'll have to have someone assemble it for you if you don't have masonry skills, but they are of the highest quality.
You could alternatively hire a mason to build you a custom oven (if you go this route, just make sure you hire a mason with a good track record who has built ovens before), and in a future post, I'll discuss this in some detail. In the meantime, check out the Le Panyol and also visit the Forno Bravo site for more wood-fired ovens.

Le Panyol on wheels

Le Panyol in winter with a copper cover to protect it from the elements