Friday, May 31, 2013


Unless you live in a very dry climate, you really need a roof to protect your earth oven. In the past I've used surface bonding cement as a stucco over the earth oven, but it is simply not 100 percent effective.
And you are looking for 100 percent effectiveness. 95 percent is not good enough. One small crack can allow in enough moisture to turn your earth oven back to its source. Mud.
I assure you that you'll sleep better if your earth oven is properly protected.
I know some people who toss the blue tarp over their earth ovens, but they admit to me that sometime they forget and if it rains...
There are many ways of covering an earth oven with a roof, but the easiest way I've found is to buy a length of metal roofing, cut it to size and drape it over the oven. It will probably cost less than $30.00, and your oven will then be protected from the elements. A worthy investment.

cracks in surface bonding cement

cracks in surface bonding cement

 Draping metal roofing over earth oven

 roofing secured with bungies