Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bread Ovens Siberia
Khanty Women Baking Bread in Outdoor Ovens
The Khanty, called Ostyak in the Russian ethnographic literature, are a Finno-Ugric-speaking people numbering approximately 22,000, and one of the most numerous and widely-dispersed of the 26 indigenous tribal peoples of Russia. Archaeological evidence indicates that they have occupied West Siberia for at least 5,000 years; linguistic data indicates that this region is part of the Priuralic homeland of the proto-Uralic peoples, who include not only tribal peoples like the Khanty, Mansi and Nenets, but also Finns and Hungarians. During the past five millennia the Khanty have adapted themselves to significant climactic changes and to historical influences from Bronze Age Indo-Iranians, medieval Tartars, and, from the end of the sixteenth century, Russians.

Ducia Moldanov cooks fish and bakes bread in an outdoor oven.
This oven looks like it was made using a half barrel form.

Bread Oven Nicaragua

The NICA Fund: Profiles of Nicaraguan Borrowers

The Nicaraguan Credit Alternatives Fund (NICA Fund) provides financing to support economic activities of Nicaraguans with little access to conventional commercial credit. The examples listed below demonstrate how access to loans can help low-income Nicaraguans achieve economic progress as productive contributors to their communities.

María Mercedes Díaz
Baker, Quilalí

About three kilometers outside of Quilalí, María Mercedes Díaz is stoking the coals of her baker’s oven. Every morning at three a.m., she sets to work in preparing, baking and supplying assorted baked goods, including breads, pastries, and rosquillas. By ten a.m., her goods have been shipped down the dirt road to loyal shops and customers in Quilalí.

María now has two full-time employees, in addition to the work done by her daughters. Her eldest daughter is married and lives across the street. María is passing along her baking and administrative skills, with the intention that she will inherit the business someday.

Through earnings from the bakery, María was able to improve her house, which is now a two-room concrete dwelling, with a corrugated steel roof and extended veranda. On the end of the veranda is her adobe oven, which her husband built by hand as the volume of the bakery grew. María has taken a succession of three loans from Cooperative April 20th, to which she attributes to the success of her business. Before taking loans, she was only able to stock small amounts of baking materials. “Now I am able to buy what I need,” she says. She purchases her inputs from the Coop’s market. Although María is working to produce as much bread as she can, she still sees unmet demand. She hopes to continue expanding her business and providing baked goods for the community.

Situated on a hillside, with a panoramic view of the Segovian mountains, María concedes that there are disadvantages to living some distance from town; however, she prefers the quiet of countryside. “It’s beautiful,” she says, “You can see the river.”

Bread Oven Niger

Built as a demonstration oven by a Peace Corp. volunteer.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Third World Oven

Old wood/charcoal burning oven has consumed hundreds of trees in its lifetime! Soon to be replaced with a solar micro-sun-bakery!
I don't know where this oven is located, but note the dual oven openings and the smoke hole on top.

Bread Ovens Quebec
Quebec roadside oven where bread is sold.

William Notman & Son. Bread Oven, Cap à l'Aigle. Albumen print. Ca. 1870s.

Ferdinand Roy's sisters baking bread in the oven, Pointe-à-la-Frégate, Québec, 1936.

The oven is made by applying layers of clay to a form made from the pliable Alnus rugosa (Speckled Alder). The wooden frame is then burnt out during the first couple of curing fires.
La malbaie Charlevoix Quebec. A certain level of skill is required to do the elaborate roof; more skill than what I have.

How To Build
a Wood-Fired Oven
& Start a Home Bakery

Being a Tried & True Method
of Dealing With the Reality
of Getting Together our Daily Bread
(and Having Some Extra Loaves to Sell)

Photo shows Jane Goyette tending her 25-loaf wood-fired bread oven
at Hogwallow Farm in Fool's Hollow, Quebec.

This is not the way I would build an oven, but there are so many different possibilities, and they all seem to work. From what I see, this particular oven has no insulation.

Another bread oven from Quebec. I like the way the door apparently swivels open and shut.
Wood fired bread oven from St. Lawrence River area in Quebec, Canada. It makes 18 loaves of bread at once.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bread Oven Bolivia (at Che Guevara's camp)

Che on mule
A man puts bread in the oven in a farm on the Rio Guapay near Santa Cruz. A typical Bolivian diet is high in carbohydrates.
The more I look at ovens from around the world, the more I see their similarities.

another oven in Bolivia

Adobe Bread Oven Brazil

Adobe-earth-clay-mud-all basically the same

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bread For Sale Georgia

Lavash bread being made in a tandoor

Photo taken around 1870/

Kamoka Open Route Africa Bread Oven

Psychiatric Therapy

To drive away patient's fantasies, head was inserted into the bread oven.
Circa 1600.

Anguilla Bread Oven

Baking bread in a Caribbean stone oven. A dying tradition.

Palestinian Bread Oven and Pitas

A Palestinian baker prepares to put bread into the oven at an old town bakery in Hebron in the West Bank, 22 September 2007. The price of one kilo of bread in the old town of Hebron is lower than in the new town centre in an effort by traders to encouraged Muslim Palestinians to shop in the old quarter for food to break their day long fast during Ramadan. During Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, Muslims fast during the day but then feast after sundown as lavishly as their budgets permit.

Getty Images

Note the Islamic woman baking pitas in an oven with the fire below the baking surface.

Truck Exhaust Pipe

Note the truck exhaust pipe used as an oven chimney, but even more interesting, the support that the oven rests on is also the oven floor. Definitely not an efficient oven, but certainly a curiosity piece.

Bread Oven Brittany

A very old bread oven in the Brittany region of France that I'm sure has not been used for a long time. Note the vegetation growing on top.

Bread oven in Brittany with tree on top.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Rounded Oven Base

Some very clear photos of earth oven construction. Note the rounded base, made with blocks readily available at Big Box or small suppliers.
This link should show part 1 as well. Note the lava rocks used for insulating the base. In Guatemala we used something we called "puma," but I think that's how you say mountain lion in Spanish. Anyway, the material was volcanic in origin.
Here's a little bit of commentary from the person who built the oven. Breadnerd.

A rounded base made with unmortared bricks.