Friday, May 2, 2008

Bread Ovens Quebec
Quebec roadside oven where bread is sold.

William Notman & Son. Bread Oven, Cap à l'Aigle. Albumen print. Ca. 1870s.

Ferdinand Roy's sisters baking bread in the oven, Pointe-à-la-Frégate, Québec, 1936.

The oven is made by applying layers of clay to a form made from the pliable Alnus rugosa (Speckled Alder). The wooden frame is then burnt out during the first couple of curing fires.
La malbaie Charlevoix Quebec. A certain level of skill is required to do the elaborate roof; more skill than what I have.

How To Build
a Wood-Fired Oven
& Start a Home Bakery

Being a Tried & True Method
of Dealing With the Reality
of Getting Together our Daily Bread
(and Having Some Extra Loaves to Sell)

Photo shows Jane Goyette tending her 25-loaf wood-fired bread oven
at Hogwallow Farm in Fool's Hollow, Quebec.

This is not the way I would build an oven, but there are so many different possibilities, and they all seem to work. From what I see, this particular oven has no insulation.

Another bread oven from Quebec. I like the way the door apparently swivels open and shut.
Wood fired bread oven from St. Lawrence River area in Quebec, Canada. It makes 18 loaves of bread at once.

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