Sunday, June 14, 2009

Earth Oven Workshop

Join Kendra Michaud and me for an all day workshop this July on earth oven construction and build a real oven. For indoors or outdoors, you'll learn how to construct a very low-cost oven that's ideal for bread baking at home. No expertise is required, but just the desire to watch dough transformed in front of your eyes in an oven you've actually made yourself. You'll learn about firebrick, clay/sand ratios, mud, insulation, stucco, weatherproofing and baking mysteries. If time permits and the mud behaves, we hope to actually make a flat bread in our new oven at the end of the day.
The workshop oven will be constructed on a pallet that will fit on the bed of someone's pickup truck. Who gets the oven will be decided at the workshop.
I'll also be teaching a pizza making workshop for kids