Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rethinking the Mini-Oven

My 32” diameter earth oven is really too big for just one or two loaves, and at this time, that’s all I really care to bake. Doing very many more would really take up took much kitchen space that I share. Someday perhaps, I’ll have a bakehouse.
Anyway, it’s difficult to get just one or two loaves to bake properly because there is not really enough steam produced by just one or two loaves to help create great crusts. Even using my large sprayer doesn’t help that much.
The breads that I bake indoors “undercover” are definitely much more aesthetically desirable. I think I’ll try to bake “undercover” in my earth oven and see how that works out.
The mini-oven is something I’ve only built in workshops for demonstration purposes, but perhaps I’ve underestimated it’s potential. Really, there is only room for a tiny pizza with the fire in back, but perhaps the mini-oven should be used to bake one or two loaves of bread. Baguettes might be just the thing because they don’t have much mass and should bake quickly.
I hope to try this out very soon.

Mini-oven sandwiched between two larger ovens.