Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oven Cracks and Angst

I don't think anyone actually enjoys seeing cracks in an earth oven that's just been created, but I have never seen an earth oven that did not have cracks.
The oven shown has some serious crack issues, but the woman who built the oven did not seem concerned about it, and I think her attitude is a healthy one. Just look at the nice breads that came out of the oven.
 If your oven has cracks, and I'm sure it does, you can do nothing, or you could patch the cracks with mud, or temporarily with bread dough. Besides, your insulation layer will cover the cracks, and then you'll apply a stucco, but you can even expect some cracking in the stucco layer. Just seal the cracks and bake away.
To see the construction details of the oven shown, go here.