Sunday, November 18, 2007

Work Of The Devil?

Whoever said white flour is the work of the devil, a pernicious foodstuff never to be used? Probably some food fascist.
I have been using unbleached white flour to make incredible sourdough starter for more years than I can count. So there must be something right about it.

Too Much Bread?

Justine wrote me today and said that she and her husband could not eat her breads before they would spoil and wanted to know what to do.
There are several answers to this question, but a simple one is to allow the fresh loaf to cool after it has been taken from the oven. Cut it in a half and save one half on your counter to be eaten fresh, and cut the other half into slices and freeze. Whenever you choose, take a frozen slice from the freezer and pop right into the toaster (no defrosting required), and you'll have a superb slice of toast.