Sunday, November 17, 2013

Richard Miscovich

Beautifully photographed and delightfully written, Richard Miscovich's book, 
"From the Wood-Fired Oven" 
New And Traditional Techniques For Cooking And Baking With Fire
should be a new addition to your collection of books about bread and ovens.
Not only is there an emphasis on bread baking, but you'll learn all about other things that you can roast in your wood-fired oven.
There's even information about how to render schmaltz, and that's something my grandmother used to do when I was a child.
My favorite photo (and I've seen him do this in person) shows Richard unleashing a cloud of flour on his work surface. Why sprinkle flour when you can toss it instead, so much more fun.

You can get this book at a substantial fall discount from the publisher.

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