Friday, November 22, 2013

Modular Oven

This was my first modular oven build, and it was quite simple. The oven was made by wildwood and you can count on good phone support from Michael Gerard, the owner.
I like the heatstopper (calcium silicate board) that came with the oven and is placed under the hearth for insulation. I also like the insulation blanket that we used to insulate the dome. 
However, the way this oven is designed, the chimney goes between the oven and the door. I would have preferred that this be reversed. In other words, by having the chimney outside the door and keeping the door shut, the oven could be easily isolated from the chimney where heat loss occurs. 
This would not be significant when making flatbreads and pizzas, but it could have a negative impact when baking leavened loaves of bread without a live fire. 

Wildwood oven being assembled

Oven assembled on trailer


Sandy miller said...

As a kiln builder, what about a damper on the chimney?

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

I think quite a bit of heat would still escape. If it were my oven, I'd want a very tight seal when baking bread.

Sandy miller said...

Interesting, planning on building one in the spring and just now looking at plans. Winter research ......