Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who Needs An Oven?

Well actually, you do need an oven, but a Dutch oven will do. Your Dutch oven in this situation will heat up very quickly and unless you're vigilant, you could reduce your potential loaf to a cinder in no time. I had a great time baking outdoors, and I highly suggest you give it a try.

 Heating up the Dutch oven

 The dough about to be baked

 Bread baking

 The bread is done with a small burnt spot on top. This was caused when the top of the dough came in contact with the top of the Dutch Oven. Too much oven spring!

New oven by the pond in the background.


The Flying Tortoise said...

Hi Stu, just posted a story about you on my blog... hope you like it, check it out.

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

but where is the story?

The Flying Tortoise said...

Have a look on Sunday July One...