Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oven By The Pond (first pizza)

Last night was pizza night, and the oven performed in a stellar manner. 700ºF was reached (an ideal floor temperature) without any trouble, and the first pizza was not a "sacrificial pizza" as it so often can be. The pizza was thin, crisp, and the taste was good.

Mark Roman (master baker) helps out at the oven

A "fire door" is used to improve combustion, and in this situation, the fire door helps to prevent excessive heat loss. The fire door is constructed from metal with a small slot on the bottom to allow oxygen to get sucked into the oven and a large slot cut near the top to allow the smoke to exit.

 Fire Door

The next project will be to construct a "bake door" that will trap most of the heat in the oven, and this is necessary when baking raised loaves.

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