Wednesday, February 15, 2012


While hiking in the forest today, I came upon a friendly dog wearing a bulging collar. Soon, the dog's owner appeared on the trail. I asked him about the collar, and he told me that the collar had a radio transmitter that beamed a signal to his GPS. On the GPS, I could clearly see the trail we were on, and he could see where his dog was. He said he could also get in touch with his dog, and he pulled out another device. With this tool he could "beep" the dog so the dog would know he was being called or he could actually give the hapless dog a shock as some sort of punishment for perhaps straying too far. But he would never do that, he told me. Clearly he loved his dog.
I also noticed he was carrying his iPad on the forest trail, and I asked him why. He said the iPad was like taking his office with him. In the tablet he had a list of all his products and prices along with sales records. If he had to carry the physical documents, they would have been the size of the New York City telephone book. But here, they were neatly stored in his iPad, and if necessary, he could do his business right from the trail. He really had no need to sit in the office.
What does this have to do with bread baking? I don't know.

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