Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back from Guatemala

I'm back home now from Guatemala, and as always, my stomach needs a little bit of repair. Unfortunately it's not so easy to stay well there, and there's not too much you can do about it. One does have to eat, drink and touch things.
Anyway, lots of energy efficient stoves were built by our group, and you can see some smiling faces by one of the stoves. My son Eric financed the cost of materials for the stove in the photo.
The stoves we build are intended to replace the "three stone fires" where Mayas develop all kinds of respiratory problem from constantly breathing smoke.

Energy efficient stove for making flat breads (tortillas), soups and for general cooking purposes.

Maya shrouded in a miasma of unhealthy smoke from cooking over a "three stone fire."


Anonymous said...

Any more pics of your trip?

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

I have lots of pictures. Send me your e-mail address, and I'll get them to you.
On YouTube, check out "Three Stone Fire"


Anonymous said...

I wondered what would happen if I used too much starter--thank you for posting this! :)

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

I believe that too much starter might cause your loaf to fall in the oven or you probably wouldn't get as much oven spring