Thursday, July 1, 2010

Portable Oven

Today I made a dry stacked, portable brick oven that can be quickly assembled. It sits on simple saw horses, and it's constructed with 92 red bricks. The oven will be used at the grand opening of the Moor St. community garden in Waterville, Maine on Sunday, July 18 and on subsequent events. Free pizza, drinks and deserts. Everyone is welcome. Come at noon.


Anonymous said...

nice. I can't wait to carb out with my new oven.

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

I'd sure like to see your new oven.

srisang said...

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Portable Oven

Nohemi Tutterrow said...

If you don’t want to create a comprehensive brick oven, you can come up with this one because it’s quick and easy to build. It wouldn’t take you days or weeks before you can use it and bake your own pizza or bread. However, you must remember that a brick oven like this wouldn’t last long compared to industrially-manufactured brick ovens.