Monday, November 16, 2009

More No Knead

Stainless cover

Contrary to what is said, you do not need a dutch oven or enameled iron pot to make no knead bread. Today I made no knead bread in an iron skillet with a stainless steel cover. The cover is what's important, not the nature of the material. Next, I'll be experimenting with an insulated cookie sheet and the stainless cover.

Superlative loaf

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Le Loup said...

I well remember one time when I was down to my last dollar, litterally! The chap I was travelling with in the same financial position! My wagon had broken down and needed new seals in the clutch slave cylender. we had run out of food!
I am not one to gamble money, but on this occasion I came across a betting shop and saw a hose by the name of "Bonanza"! Well I figured I had little to lose, so I bet on Bonanza and my friend bet on another horse. Bonanza came in and I won $4.
With the $4 I bought some powdered milk and some flour and baked a loaf of bread by a camp fire in a biscuit tin. Four days later we got a job working in an iron foundry and I was able to fix my wagon and move on.
Le Loup.