Friday, November 7, 2008

Movable Oven Costs

The cost of materials for the the movable oven was $348.29, and this includes $17.64 spent on crushed rock.

This is in reference to the post on Wednesday, November 5, 2008


mwd101 said...

I would love to see a pattern from Chuck Lakin and hear of any trials and tribulations he has with this design. Looks like a great idea though.

Breadhunter said...

Chuck has just finished constructing a door for the oven, and I'll soon have some photos.

mwd101 said...

As I look at the pictures I can't figure out what Chuck uses for the interface between the firebrick floor and the support structure. I would love to see more of his basic plans and hear how the oven cooks.

Thanks! Michael

Breadhunter said...

Okay. These are just a few of many photos that will be published later. To answer you question, the firebrick floors rests on 1/2"cement board that sits on a 3 1/2" layer of perlite. Hope that helps.