Saturday, April 23, 2016

Oven In Provence

Here is a recently completed pizza oven in Provence France. The oven will not be used for bread baking so the oven opening was made extra wide to easily accommodate two pizzas with plenty of room to maneuver them around.

The location

Constructing the base with native stone

 Preparing base for concrete slab

Continuing slab preparation

 Rebar for slab

Creating slab

Slab finished

 Creating template for dome

 Constructing the dome

Completed oven 
Waiting for door to be fabricated

 The oven builders
To my right Abdel Fatah
To my left Fernand Toucourt

Oven Specifications
Made with native stone and firebrick. Insulated with vermiculite and Roxul. Stuccoed with mortar mix.

28.5” interior width
41.5” interior depth
16.5”  interior dome height
42.5” baking height

3.5” interior concrete slab


Mary Dorry said...

Hello, just came upon your blog looking at pizza oven designs...

I am looking for information & directions on converting an old wood stove into a pizza oven. I can email you a picture of my stove. You can email me as well.

Mary @

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

Hi Mary,
It might be better to just create a new pizza oven rather than trying to transform an old stove, but who knows, most anything is possible. Sure, send me some photos.