Saturday, April 19, 2014

Color Confusion

               Sometimes things are best left alone

Here is the original color of the dome. It is natural cement stucco, but Jodi was unhappy with the color so she chose the color below.

Sadly, Jodi was unhappy with her choice of the new color.

Jodi chose this second color, but I'm not sure if she likes this one either. Her husband, Eli, hates it.
There will be an update to this story.


John D. said...

These are the times that try men's souls!!

Anonymous said...

Dont feel bad, and tell your wife she is not alone! Somehow uneven bulge shapes inspire multiple color selections. I have a similar bulge above our fireplace. It was left assymetrical, and i have painted it three different colors! I think the third time is the charm, not because one is content with the color but because you get sick of painting it. My fireplace bulge was cream, then beige, and is now a rusty red. It does grow on you. I like the blue.

Hoping to build a portable oven soon!

Liz Jones