Monday, June 24, 2013

"Sprouted Bread Oven"

This is from 
Lisa Heldke

i took your mud oven workshop last year at the "baking camp" in Skowhegan. This spring I've been building an oven with a friend. We used another friend's hull-less oat straw for the cob. We made the oven, covered it with a tarp, and then I went away for a week. (We didn't fire it.) When I came back, it had sprouted! I guess the combine didn't do a very good job.... 
THought you might get a kick out of a photo of the "sprouted grain" bread oven. 
Now I feel like I should wait to fire it till I can harvest the oats! (Okay, no.)

Maybe this could be the true test if you've used enough insulation over the dome. If the oven is fired and the "dome top garden" doesn't die, then the heat is staying where it should stay, in the oven. Of course the sprouted bread oven needs to be watered, but I thought mud ovens needed to be waterproof. Yes we could put a roof over the dome, but then "the garden" wouldn't get sunlight. Okay, a translucent roof could work, although "the garden" would still need to be watered.
Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

...and what about a waterproofing coating above the last layer of thermal insulation?

(waterproofing of rooftop gardens:

Murtaza said...

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