Monday, March 19, 2012

Firing The Mini Oven

Anything less than a 22" interior circular diameter I'll refer to as a mini oven.
The mini oven is a great oven for workshops because they can be constructed quickly, and the oven builders can then stuff them into their cars and take them home.

 Because they're so small it's difficult, yeah really difficult, to fire them to a baking temperature.


One solution I have found is to cut a small hole in the back, and this makes it much easier to start a fire.

Once the fire is going, you can then block the hole with a stone.

No, it's not airtight, but it hardly matters because the mini oven is best for flat breads and pizzas.

I just finished this prototype mini oven for some workshops, and I was able to get the floor temperature to 700ºF. Perfect for pizzas. Just make sure your firewood is absolutely dry. If it's not, then you're better off firing up the electric Hotpoint indoors.

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