Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sharing Bread

I think that most of you who read this blog really bake more bread than you and your family can possibly eat. If that's true, Then consider sharing it at a homeless shelter.


If you think it's a good idea, here are some sugestions:
Share only your very best loaves.
Avoid crusty loaves because many of the recipients have poor teeth.
Slice the bread before taking it. The workers at the shelter have enough to do.
Place the sliced loaves (after they've thoroughly cooled) in a unsealed plastic bag because you want the bread to breath a little and to stay soft. 
If they like your bread, and I'm sure they will, then you'll probably have trouble keeping up with the demand.


Anonymous said...

I keep missing your workshops, yet am most interested in building a masonry oven at my home. When will you be offering the workshop again? I;d be happy to host a workshop... I have my own cement mixer. Anyway, I will be ordering the book for sure.

And I hope you don't mind if I point to your blog from my blog.

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

Where are you located?

Anonymous said...

Funny story... I had just started doing this about two weeks before you posted... Decided to go to 7 loaves instead of 5 so I could do more... I couldn't get the bread to slide off the peel right (never had problems before... not enough flour on it) and there were no "best loaves" even though they tasted good enough. Anyway, better this week... I have two very nice looking loaves to give away.

Breadhunter aka Stu Silverstein said...

Dough slides best off a wooden peel rather than a metal one. Use extra cornmeal on the peel if the dough is quite wet, but probably you know all this stuff anyway. What kinds of bread are you sharing?

Anonymous said...

I am sharing batard shaped no knead bread. Wild yeast, soaked barley and flax seed, some rye flour, some whole durum wheat flour and the rest is stone ground whole grain whole wheat. Electric oven with firebrick splits on lower rack and pizza stone on top. Extra water pan and the steam vent blocked... The wood fired oven is down the road as yet.

(from comment above)