Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back To Basics

A couple of posts back, I talked about dumping the risen dough directly on the peel and then straight into the oven. I skipped the step where the risen dough is eased out onto your counter, worked a little by folding and then placed in bannetons (baskets) to rise again before baking.
Initially I was pleased because the breads sure looked fine.

However, I wasn't exactly pleased with the crumb (sorry I don't have a photo).
The crumb had rather small mouse holes, and I attribute this to the fact that the gluten in the loaf was not fully developed. Yesterday I made sourdough bread, without any shortcuts, and the loaves were truly superior, having larger, more irregular mouse holes and being more elastic. Having spent time folding and working the dough by stretching it was well worth the extra effort.

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