Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo Request

In the last section of the book I'm working on, I'd like to include a photo gallery. I am looking for interesting/unique/informative/unusual/quirky photos of ovens and or any bread related activities. The photo shown in this post is one that I'd like to use, but I can't find the person who took the picture to ask for permission to include it in Bread Earth and Fire, and I need permission to use photos.
If you have some photos you've taken to share, then I might want to include them, and you'll be given full credit.
 Portable Oven

Please send photos to:
Stu Silverstein

Many thanks
Stu aka Breadhunter

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Robert said...

I have recently come back from a trip to Nepal. Almost every place beside the main road had a small oven on which they cooked to sell food to travellers. These were made of clay and something of an igloo shape. I thought when I got back I'd make one. Unbelievably amoungst the more than 3000 photos I had none of an oven. I will email others who were there and see if I can find one and forward it to you.
My blog on Nepal is

my other is

I will eventually write about my efforts with the oven

Thanks....enjoyed your blog