Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bagels in the Earth Oven

Simple to make and the taste and texture are better than what you can make in a conventional oven.


Jesse said...

Stu- Great to see your bread exploits here! I hope you have a great time in guate-sorry not to be with you this time around. Hey, I've been baking 'professionally' 2 nights a week at the New Gloucester Village Store, working out of a 6 x 7' wood-fired brick oven. Some good bagels, levains, sourdough ryes, ect are coming out. Its an interesting situation, because the oven is primarily used for pizza in the daytime, then I come in for overnight shifts, fire up the front of the oven, mix my doughs and bake til dawn! Be well and shalom, Jesse

Breadhunter said...

Maybe I'll come visit the New Gloucester Village Store sometime, just to see what you're up to.
On to Guatemala, but maybe it should be Haiti this time.