Saturday, December 27, 2008

Searching For The Grail

Bread Undercover

As much as I love baking in my outdoor wood-fired ovens, I have to say that if you're searching for the perfect loaf, then you might find it much easier (although not as much fun) to bake in a conventional oven. In this type of oven, you have much more control of the bake.
The bread in the photo was baked "Undercover."

The oven setup includes 4 quarry tiles and a homemade cloche.


BakerMan said...

What is it that you used for the "knob?" Was it a drawer pull? No concerns about heating something not made for the heat? I've done the quarry tile thing for a while, but haven't yet done the "cover."

Breadhunter said...

The "knob" is in fact a metal drawer knob I bought at Home Depot for a few dollars. It's held in place with a large washer and short screw.
The "cover" is really the key to making great bread in a conventional oven. The cover replicates the conditions of a masonry bake oven.