Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Breadhunter's Brick Oven

Tomorrow I will dismantle the oven. Too much wood too close to flame. Bad idea. But the bread was good.


mwd101 said...

Why is your design a failure and Chuck's working? From the blog postings they seem very similar. I am interested in following Chuck's design myself, so I look forward to learning more.


Breadhunter said...

My oven used too much wood too close to fire. That's dangerous. The oven was insulated with cellulose which is not a good choice. I haven't seen cellulose catch fire, but it will definitely char and smoke. Perlite should have been used, but I wanted to try a new material.
Chuck's oven is much smaller, but even with his oven there is a small area of wood just above the door that would be vulnerable to flame. Chuck's oven has very little mass so it might be difficult to bake loaf breads properly. Pizzas and flat-breads are very forgiving and there would be no problem baking them. It's a long time to wait, but I don't know if Chuck and his wife will be baking again until spring. Once their oven is used regularly, then I'll be able to answer your questions a little more definitively.
I do have some new designs in mind that I'll be happy to share.