Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Breadhunter's Brick Oven

The oven interior (all brick) is done. Now I have to decide if I want to square off the outer "heat sink." That would mean adding more brick, but maybe enough is enough. I think I've already used about 100 bricks.
The next major issue is to design and build a wooden shell to enclose the exterior of the oven, but with enough room on the sides and top to contain the insulation.


Anonymous said...

Hello from "Meanwhile, Back In Saluda" - we like the new Oven plans and the wood matrix on the bottom looks like a good idea. Post pictures when you fire it up. We like fire! Send some snow down this way. MAA and boys

Anonymous said...

mr. breadhunter,
cool project.
how'd you do a brick "ceiling" in your oven without any glue (mortar)? iron strapping under each row?
thanks, tarpless in seattle

Breadhunter said...

The brick ceiling is held in place by 1 1/2" angle iron.