Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Breadhunter's Brick Oven

Getting the four towers to line up properly really took a certain amount of hair pulling. Things would have gone faster and better had I relied on my eyes more than on levels and tape measures. In addition, had I positioned the towers on a concrete slab, I probably could have had everything lined up in 15 minutes, but I'm determined to not mix cement or mud for this project. So, I probably spent an hour getting the towers right.
Next, a box was constructed, and it will sit on the towers. Insulation will go in the box, and then the oven will go up. I've decided to use cellulose insulation because it's a recyclable material (looks like old newspapers to me), has a high R value and it's cheap. I've never heard of it being used in this type of application, so we shall see.

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