Friday, May 23, 2008

Bread Experiment #571

Breadhunter's Virtual Storefront:
I just took this loaf from my conventional gas oven, but the loaf was baked "Undercover."
I followed my own procedures from my book "Bread Undercover," and my cover was a Pyrex bowl. Baked at 475 for 15 minutes and then at 400 for 30 minutes. Never removed the cover until the end. Although I have recommended against using Pyrex because of the difficulty in handling it, it does however assist you in baking a most toothsome sourdough loaf.
"Bread Undercover" explains how to bake superlative loaves in a conventional oven that replicate masonry oven quality.

Bread Experiment #572
Baked on June 7, 2008
Baked "undercover" with flowerpot shown. On tiles.
oven preheated for 30 minutes at 475. Baked "undercover" for 10 minutes. Cover removed.
baked an additional 30 minutes at 400. Excellent, tender bread. NOT TOO CRUSTY.
1 cup ww flour. The rest unbleached white.


Bob from Idaho said...

I use a combo of flours also.

I add one cup per loaf of soft spring for flavor ... off the shelf hard red winter has the longest "shelf" life but never won a taste test.

I roll my final roll in Hard Spring for the best crust taste.

Breadhunter said...

Another flour that I like is white flour with restored germ. The wheat is grown organically, and I believe the flour is similar to the French flour used by the world-famous
Poilane Bakery of Paris.