Monday, March 17, 2008

Gluten Free Pizza

The other night at Grand Central Cafe, Elise and I made a gluten free pizza that might be of interest to a lot of people. To begin, we crushed up some corn tortilla chips on a circular pizza tray, and then we spread cheese on the top. We placed it into the brick oven until the cheese melted and fused the chips together. After taking the tray from the oven, pizza sauce and various toppings were added and it was sent back into the oven. The pizza baked for about 5 minutes and we sliced it up and served it. Yes, it was a little weird, but gluten free pizzas are always a little strange. However, people who are gluten intolerant are used to foods that are a little different. The pizza was in fact, quite good.
Next time I'll try to take some photos.

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